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We help museums to develop and implement solutions to optimize and enhance the space dedicated to not displayed works of art.

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Space is what contains us and contains the objects we use in our daily lives. You can define space in different scales: there is the physical space and there is the social space, there are public and accessible spaces but also reserved ones. The study of the space is the starting point of each of our projects, whether it is about the setting up and lighting of spaces, relational, residential, museum, directional, exhibition and commercial, or the storage of artistic and cultural heritage.
With Arca System, the storage of art works is no longer a simple warehouse but it becomes a second museum.

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From the project to the object we offer consulting, design and custom-made services of the products of the ArcaSystem collection along with the personalized digital services of managing your collection of the products we install. We are also able to advance solutions in the interior design and lighting of the museum.

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The Arca System collection offers space optimization solutions with bespoke storage systems for: paintings, documents, sculptures, objects, prints and fabrics. Each ArcaSystem solution – Registered Community Model – is designed and custom-built in Italy to meet the customer’s needs while respecting the space in which it is inserted.

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Arca System Nesting is the digital platform dedicated to optimizing space within our art racking system. The digital archive thus becomes an extension of the physical archive, a secondmuseum, where you can catalog the works according to the Italian and international catalog standards, make them available on shared platforms, compare the works and create new thematic paths.